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Winter, 2008


XIKAR Trezo Lighter

XIKAR is proud to introduce their new Trezo lighter, the first and only in-line triple jet flame lighter available today. Its unique design places two outer jet flames at an eight degree angle inwards, concentrating the heat source at the perfect point above the flames. This means that no matter the size of your cigar or lighting condition, you will have a good clean light. First, flip up the top cap and expose the three protected ignition jets. With your thumb, pull down the center trigger to fire up this new lighting system and then enjoy your puros! A large fuel window reminds you to refill the oversize tank and a large fuel adjustment wheel ensures you always have the exact flame size desired. Available with in gold, black, chrome and gunmetal accents.

XIKAR, Ludo Faxel, European Sales and Marketing Manager, tel: +33 (0) 6 70 83 83 40, Email: ludo@xikar.com, Web: www.xikar.com/retailers_international.asp.

Crown7 Electronic Cigarette: lighting-up legally?

Scottsdale, Arizona-based entrepreneur Ron MacDonald has developed and launched Crown7 an electric cigarette that replicates the act of smoking using a nicotine cartridge, a micro-chip and a water vapor mist.

This is an item which hopes to have a significant impact on smokers and non-smokers alike across the country. With Crown7, smokers can now legally light up in bars, restaurants and public places, which have faced prohibitions the world over. Crown7 looks and acts like a cigarette without the harmful side-effects of second-hand smoke and offending others. The cigarette costs US$99.95 and the cartridges come in four strengths - high, medium, low and no doses of nicotine - so they can be used as quit-smoking aids.

Crown7 is following the steps of similar electronic nicotine devices that have become popular in Europe and Asia.

Crown7, PO Box 14257, Scottsdale, AZ 85267, USA, Web: www.crown7.com.

BeMade debuts new RYO booklet dispenser

BeMade, a new European producer of roll-your-own paper, made their debut at this year’s TABEXPO exhibition in Paris. With his 20 years of engineering experience in the tobacco business and financial input from an industrial printer the founder decided to start his own production unit.

Located near Antwerp in Belgium, the company presented their patent pending booklet dispenser. BeMade is a private label only manufacturer and this new packaging is a marketing tool that will support new and existing tobacco brands to gain market share and will help to get the rolling papers get out of its below the counter position.

BeMade N.V., Nijverheidsstraat 3, B2530 Boechout, Belgium, tel: +32 476 77 00 18, fax: +32 3 460 12 41, Email: Lvdp@bemade.be, Web: www.bemade.be.

Gum N Asbag Butt in Your Pocket

Throughout the smoking world, various governments are trying to cut-down on tobacco by attacking it at the periphery: adding taxes to raise the price, cutting down on where one can indulge, and even adding penalties for things such as littering discarded cigarette butts. A new Dutch company has found a solution to some of this smoker prohibition - the Gum N Asbag, a small colorful pocket accessory that can extinguish and store used cigarette butts (as well as gum - as per the name).

AJs Agency, Postbus 59677, 1040LD, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, tel: +31 20 689 9169, fax: +31 20 486 8153, Email: info@gumnasbag.nl, Web: www.gumnasbag.nl.

Elie Bleu, Che Pop Art Ashtrays

Iconic French accessory manufacturer Elie Bleu has rolled out a new addition to its Che series of humidors and ashtrays - Che Pop Art ashtrays. Made of fine French Limoges porcelain, the colorful, hand-painted rectangular ashtrays show portraits of socialist revolutionary icon Che Guevara in Warhol-like duo-color treatment. Two versions are available - one in red and orange, the other in purple and pistachio.

Elie Bleu, Maison-Alfort, France, tel: +33 48-99-64-64, fax: +33 48-99-48-12, Email: elie.bleu@wanadoo.fr.

Csonka, Travel Humidors

Csonka Worldwide has introduced a new line of fully-accessorized travel humidors. Each unit comes complete with a built-in, humidification system, a grained, stainless-steel cigar cutter, brass, analog hygrometer, eye-dropper pipettes with cover tips for transportation of distilled water, cigar retainer bars to insure safe and secure transporting of cigars, and Spanish cedar beds. In addition, each travel humidor can be custom laser engraved with a name or corporate logo.

Csonka Worldwide, Plainsboro, NJ, USA, tel: +1 609 514-2766, mchunko@csonka.com, Web: www.csonka.com.

Tobacco Products International - Winter, 2008
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