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Winter, 2007


CAO Poker Bag
The CAO Poker Night Humidor Carry Bag brings together all the key elements for a night of poker. Constructed of black ballistic nylon, the bag features two decks of casino-grade cards, 300 casino-grade clay chips, and five casino-grade die on one side of the double compartment bag. The flip side is a humidor with room for up to 50 cigars and features a Spanish cedar liner, adjustable strap to keep cigars secure, and a Humidipak to maintain humidity. Grab the versatile carry handle or sling it over your shoulder with the shoulder strap. Suggested retail, US$200.

CAO International, Nashville, Tenn., Tel: 1 (615) 352-0587.

Platinum Series French-Made Humidors from Prometheus
Nine years after Prometheus introduced its first humidors to the market the company has designed and released the Prometheus Platinum Series. Designed and crafted in France, each humidor in the Platinum series features a satin finish and nickel-plated locking mechanism. The humidors are lined with a mahogany veneer and equipped with the Prometheus Optima humidifier system and digital hygrometer/thermometer. Available sizes include 50 count ($650), 75 count ($850), 100 count ($995) or by special order, 150 count ($1,600) 200 count ($2,500), and 300 count ($3,500).

Prometheus International, Inc., Bell, Calif., Tel: 1 (323) 869-9200, Email: Prometheus@prometheuskkp.com, Web: www.prometheuskkp.com

Naked Body Art in Heavenly Angel Calendar
Flavored-cigar lovers are already well acquainted with Heavenly Angel Calendars, but this year’s edition features a new twist. Heavenly’s Jennifer Seidel-Wash, a Heavenly Angel for 3 years and body painter, has created body art for the 12 nudes featured in the Angels calendar. The calendar opens up to 9” x 24” and is presented on high gloss stock, with built-in date reminders for major tobacco-related dates including: RTDA, NATO and Inter-tabac trade shows.

Heavenly Cigar Company, Naples, Fla., Tel: 1 (239) 262-7250, E-mail: sales@heavencigar.com, Web: www.heavencigar.com.

Bic Debuts M Series Cases
BIC has introduced the new M Series lighter and case, featuring a premium, stylish look. The new series features a polished metal case and is refillable with a mini BIC lighter. “The new BIC M Series takes the concept of lighter and cases to a new level of style and personalization,” said Sheila Fox, lighter brand marketing manager for BIC Consumer Products USA. The M Series has a suggested retail price of US$4.49.

BIC Corp., Milford, Conn.,Tel: 1 (203) 783-2049, Fax: 1 (203) 783-2081, Web: www.bicworld.com.

Distribution International - Winter, 2007
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