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Spring, 2007


Three New Offers to Keep You Smoking

The Smoking brand of RYO papers and accessories has more than 200 years of cigarette-paper making experience behind it, with a resume that includes the first light-weight pure hemp rolling paper booklet. The first ever light weight pure hemp rolling paper booklet was under the Smoking brand. Smoking was the first 110mm King Size and Smoking was also the first King Size Slim, now the standard. King Size Master with an even narrower leaf is only under the Smoking brand. The widest range of regular size booklets is, of course, Smoking branded.

Only in the last three years Smoking has developed and incorporated several new products to the range, such as the Smoking Master Rolls, Smoking De Luxe Tubes and injectors, the pre-cut filter tips and non-wrapped acetate filters in two sizes.

They are now introducing three new products to their stable:

  • Smoking Black 1 1/4 is a 50 leaves booklet made with the finest slow burning paper. An improved product with a breaking design.
  • the Smoking Pre-rolled King Size, thinnest paper filtered tube made with the finest slow burning paper, with an amazing three pieces packaging, Smoking Pre-rolled King Size is ideal for an easy filling and longer smoke. Another sure success for Smoking.
  • New Smoking acetate filters in Regular and Slim sizes are made to satisfy a growing demand.
MIQUEL Y COSTAS & MIQUEL, S.A.; Tuset 10, 08006 Barcelona, Spain; Felipe Padilla; e-mail: fpadilla@miquelycostas.com; tel: (++34) 93 290 61 00; fax: (++34) 93 290 61 31; www.miquelycostas.com.

German Blade-Maker Wolfertz GmbH Partners with XIKAR Inc. to Introduce The Fuego

Increasingly, cigar cognoscenti demand top quality products under the US$30 price point. For the last eight years, XIKAR, Inc. has partnered with Wolfertz GmbH of Solingen, Germany to distribute a range of cigar cutters for those cost conscious aficionados. This spring, both companies are proud to meet consumer's demands by introducing WOLF Brand's first ever lighter, the single jet Fuego.

The Fuego, with an MSRP of just US$22.99, boasts a large butane tank (for lighting an entire foursome's puros for a weekend, an oversize flame adjuster to quickly combat a windy day on the water) and an ignition flip-cap to protect the extremely dependable ready-fire ignition. The Fuego is available with five different color accents: black, silver, gunmetal, red & blue.

For the last five years, XIKAR Inc. has successfully expanded its designing and sourcing expertise to lighters. When asked why the Fuego was introduced, president Kurt Van Keppel responded, "A lighter must have a strong value at any desired price point. We create value by designing a dependable lighter with attractive features and a warranty to back it up. Consumers recognize XIKAR's commitment to those principles and we are happy to extend that criterion to the WOLF BRAND. The Fuego is just the first in a line of lighters to meet consumer demands."

The Fuego will carry the same 5 year, unconditional warranty, facilitated by XIKAR that extends to all WOLF BRAND products. More product expansions, including lighters and carrying cases are planned for the WOLF Brand in 2007.

Wolfertz GmbH; Mangenbergerstr. 212, D-42657 Solingen, Germany; tel.: +49 0212/22117-0; fax: +49 0212/22117-29; e-mail: info@wolfertz-gmbh.com.

Distribution International - Spring, 2007
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