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Fall, 2007


Ginko Press presents Rolling Paper Graphics

Rolling Paper Graphics is a collection of the artwork associated with cigarette rolling paper booklets cataloguing pieces from more than a century ago. Interestingly, many of the examples featured demonstrate a highly sophisticated command of visual graphics, particularly those that date back to the 19th century. Rolling paper was a highly prized consumer product and an enormous amount of care was taken to create a look and feel that would appeal.

The color, texture and size were all vital to an individual brand’s success. This unique collection presents 540 different kinds of rolling paper plus seventy posters. Brands featured include Amber (1876), Cine (1900), Malvarrosa (1903), Bambu (1907), and Remeditos (1908). Another interesting aspect of this title is that it provides the opportunity for the viewer to observe the influence of historical moments on advertising and design. A must have for any collector or tobacco retailer.

Ginko Press, Inc., 5768 Paradise Drive, Suite J, Corte Madera, CA 94925, USA, tel: +1 415.924.9615, fax: +1 415.924.9615, www.gingkopress.com.

Ysenberg high-end cigar bands

The Austrian accessories company founded in 2003, Ysenberg recently debuted their new line of YSENBAND cigar bands at this year’s Inter-tabac conference in Dortmund, Germany. The YSENBANDs are handcrafted and made out of precious metal, diamonds, and Italian leather. The front can be tailor designed for club logos, weddings, or personal initials e.t.c. The metals (silver, gold, platinum) and colors of leather can be chosen as well. The patented magnet fastener makes each YSENBAND continuously adjustable for every cigar format.

The company also offers “Ysentray” ashtrays made of crystal glass with pure gold inlays, which can also be designed according to customer’s wishes.

Ysenberg e.U., Johanna Fritsche, CEO, Tschapina 10, A - 6707 Bürserberg, Austria, tel: +43 (0) 664 912 79 39, info@ysenberg.com, www.ysenberg.com.

Michel Perrenoud SA’s Pyramid Humidor

Swiss humidor and accessory maker, Michel Perrenoud SA, regards their craft as being “simply unique.” The fixtures of all their hand-made crafts are all produced in their workshops “from a to z.” They take in raw material like wood, leather, messing aluminum, and stainless steel and turn them into artful humidifiers and accessories, with wood, brass-fittings, and even screws, all personalized upon request. Each product may need an average of 60 to 120 steps to final completion.

Their Pyramid Humidor with pedestal is 22 kilos of solid mahogany and takes 25 work hours to complete. It features a high-glossy lacquered finish and gilt-polished brass fittings. It comes in three sizes (with capacity of 40, 90, and 140 cigars, and weights of 3.3, 6.4, and 8.4 kgs respectively).

Michel Perrenoud SA, 152, rue de la Paix, CH-2306 La Chaux-de-Fonds 6, Switzerland, tel: +41 32 925 09 09, fax: +41 32 925 09 00, info@michel-perrenoud.ch, www.michel-perrenoud.ch.

Sustainable Trading VPapers RYO papers

Sustainable Trading (ST) says their extensive consumer research has shown a high demand for a premium quality paper that do not need to be licked to seal shut. A facet ST claims is particularly true amongst women, who represent the fastest growing section of the roll-your-own market, which is currently experiencing double-digit year-on-year growth. In order to meet this need, ST has introduced VPapers®, a range of premium quality, patented self-stick roll-your-own cigarette papers. VPapers®’ initial launch line-up consists of Regular and King size in medium (17 gsm) and lightweight (14 gsm) premium quality paper.

Sustainable Trading Limited, P.O.Box 1134, Maidstone, Kent. ME14 9EA, United Kingdom, Simon Webb, tel: +44 1622 861 468, simon.webb@vpapers.net, www.vpapers.net.

Oral Fixation Debuts Powerful Mints

Oral Fixation has introduced a new line of mints specifically designed to help remove the scent of cigar smoke. Packaged in tins reminiscent of a 1920s cigarette case, the mints come in seven flavors: Deadly Cinnamon, Night Light Chai with Caffeine, Green Tea Antioximints, Jasmints, Classical Peppermint, Fabulous Fruit, Mimosa Mint, Mojito Mint, and Sparemint Spearmint.

The Chocolate Factory, Hopewell, New Jersey, USA, tel: +1 609 466-3297, mints@oralfix.com, www.oralfix.com.

Tobacco Products International - Fall, 2007
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