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Quarter 4, 2009


ProTech New Model Rolling Machine.

Expert Korean-based RYO & MYO products manufacturer, ProTech has released a new lightweight model of their Cigarette Rolling Machine, which they introduced at this year’s InterTabac 2009 exhibition in Dortmund. The device is a high-quality convenient and lightweight piece that is easy to use and available at a low price. And with the push towards downgrading from traditional cigarettes, these are sure to be big sellers. In addition the company tells TPI that they are also looking for dealers and distributors throughout the world.

ProTech; 144-11, Palgok-Dong, Ansan-City , Kyeonggi-Do, South Korea; tel: + 82-31-437-5020; fax: + 82-31-437-5057; rolley@ rolley.co.kr; www.rolley.co.kr.

BeMade Wink

Belgium-based RYO paper manufacturer BeMade introduces their new brand of Wink rolling papers. Each booklet comes with 35 papers including 33 high-quality rolling papers and two information leaves. Wink comes in King Size Slim, extra long paper (45 mm x 108 mm). Wink comes in two variations. Wink Red is from wood paper, which allows for one of the thinnest, most transparent papers on the market, while Wink Blue is made from hemp paper, lending to a softer taste.

BeMade NV; Nijverheidsstraat 3, 2530 Boechout, Belgium; tel: +32 477 84 08 97; fax: +32 3 460 12 41; sales@bemade.be; www.bemade.be

Republic OCB precut filters & Slim Fit booklets

OCB is proud to launch its new range of OCB precut filters. These precut filters are wrapped in a protective film ensuring your tips to be always clean and easy to carry. This range of stylish OCB packs comes in five different variations: extra slim, slim, menthol extra slim, charcoal extra slim, and Combi-pack (a 50 leave booklet + 50 Extra Slim tips).

Republic Technologies has also made some changes to their OCB line of Slim line booklets. For expert users who complain about the overlapping of the paper leaf when rolling, Republic introduces the SLIM FIT size, which is 109mm long and 40 mm wide, thus avoiding too much overlap. The extra fine and translucent paper is especially aimed at very discerning RYO smokers. A new hot steam process has been used in the watermarking so that the papers are smoother to the touch

Republic Technologies International – France; contact@rpb-tech.com; tel: +33 4 68 85 12 27; fax: +33 4 68 85 65 85; www.republic-technologies.com.

Shishavac Shisha Cleaning and Preparation Device

The Shishavac is the world’s first water-pipe cleaning and preparation device. It is the only device that now allows water-pipe enthusiasts to clean pipe hoses of residual particles and ignite charcoal neatly and safely. The designer device also provides a starter to stoke the pipe in seconds and a blower to dry water-pipe parts.

Tannous Innovations, LLC; 516 North Ogden Avenue, Number 140, Chicago, Illinois 60605, USA; contact: Natalie Tannous; tel: +1 561 641 6451; fax: +1 561 641 6452; info@shishavac.com; www.shishavac.com.

vH-Collection cigarette cases

One of the leading manufacturer of fine smoking metal and leather accessories, vH-Collection offers their new metal cigarette/cigar cases. Each case comes covered in genuine leathers, beautiful imitation leathers, and other materials. The company has created fine German-made accessories for close to a century. Their modern manufacturing facilities guarantee the highest quality product.

Smoky Agency Germany, RBA Trading; Altweg 13, 83250 Marquartstein, Germany; contact: Hans-Otto Mattuck; tel/fax: +49 (0) 8641 – 697402; mob: +49 (0)151 – 19355461; smoky007@freenet.de.

Vauen Two New Pipe Sets

Vauen’s new Tivoli collection incorporates all the love of detail of the company’s Scandinavian touch. The noble silver colored ring on the front side of the stem is meticulously embedded in the wood and lends this pipe a certain touch of class which makes it something special. All these pipes have a plug mouthpiece and are designed for the use of a 9mm filter. All four shapes are available in the three different versions: Smooth light brown surface, sandblasted surface and in a most natural variety also with a smooth surface.

The company’s new Opus collection appeals due to its straight classic form and its embedded ring of 925 sterling silver at the end of the stem, which is lovingly adorned. Whether with a smooth finish or in artistically handcrafted rustic finish, these pipes with their slim stems demonstrate style consciousness and good taste. Including a brown leather carrying case with zipper.

VAUEN Vereinigte Pfeifenfabriken Nürnberg GmbH; contact: Mr. Alexander Eckert, Managing Director; Landgrabenstrasse 12, 90443 Nürnberg, Germany; tel: +49 (0) 9 11-42 43 68-0; fax +49 (0) 9 11-41 21 01; info@vauen.de; www.vauen.de.

Premet gas cylinders and lighters

Polish gas lighter and ignighter refill manufacturer Premet has over a century of experience. All their products contain pure isobutane and are made from the highest quality materials and produced by a team of highly experienced engineers. Each refill bottle contains a butane for refilling lighters of all kinds. Each product is safe to use and non-toxic.

Premet SA; Sienkiewicza 2, 58-250 Pieszyce, Poland; tel: +48 74 8 365 433; fax: +48 74 8 365 279; handlowy@premet.pl; www.premet.pl.

Toque Snuff

At its launch nearly three years ago Toque Snuff tentatively dipped a toe into the traditional English nasal snuff market with its SP-type Toque Original. Since then interest in the time-honoured way of snuffing tobacco has grown and Toque Snuff now has a range of over 30 different snuffs ranging from fruit flavours to traditional floral snuffs and the very popular unusual flavors of peanut butter, absinthe, bourbon, and cheese and bacon! All snuffs are available in 25g and 10g tins as well as in snuff bullets.

With significant online sales in the US and Europe, Toque Snuff is looking forward to a positive future with rapidly expanding sales worldwide and would be interested to hear from potential distributers and retail outlets.

Toque Snuff; contact: Mr. Roderick Lawrie; tel. + 44 (0) 1289 302420; www.toquesnuff.com.

Tobacco Products International - Quarter 4, 2009
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