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Quarter 4, 2009


Altadis USA Playboy Cigar

Altadis USA has teamed up with Playboy, an American icon, to create a quality line of premium cigars. Playboy cigars are constructed at Altadis U.S.A.’s Tabacalera de García’s mega-factory in the Dominican Republic and feature an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper; Connecticut Broadleaf binder; and a blend of Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Peruvian fillers. Playboys will be available in four size variations: Churchill, Belicoso, Robusto, and Toro. Whole boxes of 24 cigars are available for purchase, lavishly presented in a sober black wooden box with the Playboy bunny proudly displayed on top. Also available in classic packs of three cigars.

Altadis U.S.A. Inc.; Eric Piras, Vice President International Sales; Suite 2207, China Insurance Group Building, 141 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong; tel: +852 2521 7171; epiras@altadisusa.com; www.altadisusa.com.


TMCC’s Busman is available in 40 gram pouches and 70 gram tins. Busman is a so-called "Volume Tobacco" is perfect for today’s economic climate in that the consumer is able to produce up to 100 cigarettes from one 70 gram tin. Busman is currently available in Germany and Spain and will soon be available in Austria, Portugal, and Italy

TMCC GmbH; Flugstrasse 7, 76532 Baden Baden, Germany; tel: +49 7221 99 64 68 0; fax: +49 7221 99 64 68 22; info@tmcc.info; www.tmcc.biz; www.skavenbeck.com.

Scandinavian Tobacco Group “M” Mini Cigars

The Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG), manufacturers of cigar, pipe and fine cut tobacco previewed a new small cigar at this year’s Inter-tabac tradeshow in Dortmund. Targeted at a new urban audience, the new “M” mini cigar is available in four variants with a sweet tip or filter. Packaged in eight-cigar shell-slide boxes, all cigars are individually wrapped in colored cellophane to preserve the freshness and flavor, while giving it a unique modern look. The four variants of “M” include: ‘White Sense’, a sweet but non-flavored variant; ‘Vanilla Twist’ infused with a vanilla flavor; ‘Red Passion’ featuring a wild berry taste and ‘Caribbean Dream’ with a hint of coconut. Each variant is packaged in a colorful box in a lacker finish featuring an embossed “M” logo on a background of debossed dots. M is scheduled to launch in Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle-East and South-America from April 2010.

Scandinavian Tobacco Group; contact: Sofie Ralfkiær, International Brand Manager; tel: +45 39556200, direct: +45 72207177; sofie.ralfkiaer@st-group.com; www.st-group.com.

Davidoff Aromatic Mini Cigarillos

Davidoff of Geneva has developed a new Aromatic Mini Cigarillo, featuring a Java binder leaf, enhanced and rounded off by a top-class Sumatra wrapper leaf. This unique composition lends the cigarillos a silky-smooth, light and slightly sweet flavour with a discreet vanilla and liquorice aroma, as well as a hint of berries and honey. Moreover, the new Davidoff Aromatic Mini Cigarillos have an exceptionally delicate and highly agreeable room fragrance. For the first time, Davidoff will depart from its signature white packaging with the Aromatic Mini Cigarillos, which will be delivered to the consumer in an elegant silver-bronze case with reddish foil stamping. The new Davidoff Aromatic Mini Cigarillos are now available from tobacconists.

Davidoff of Geneva (CT), Inc.; contact: Edward Simon, Brand Manager; tel: +1 203.323.5811, ext 475; esimon@davidoffusa.com; www.davidoff.com.

Borkum Riff Classic Pure Pipe Tobacco

Borkum Riff Classic offers an additive-free pure tobacco character. It features a complex aroma featuring a mix of spiciness with herbs, wood, and nutty flavors. Not too strong and not too weak, but with an even stronger finish. Borkum Riff Classic Pure Tobacco features a premium quality mix of Virginia and Oriental tobacco in a light casing. Improved smoking characteristics give the tobacco a more even, slightly slower burn, making it easier to light and smoke. The perfect choice for pipe smokers who seek a rich full-bodied tobacco taste.

Swedish Match; Mr. Daniel Gunnarsson, Export Manager; tel: +46 8 6580390; daniel.gunnarsson@swedishmatch.se; www.swedishmatch.se.

Djarum Cherry Clove Cigarettes

Djarum Cherry is a blend of select cloves and tobaccos, with a hint of cherry. Its flavor produces an exotic aroma and special sweet taste not found anywhere else. Djarum Cherry was first introduced to the USA market in 2003 as the first cherry flavored clove cigarettes (kretek) in the world. It was then introduced to the European market in 2008 and was awarded InterTabac Stars for the most interesting new product.

PT. Djarum; Jl. Aipda K.S. Tubun 2C / 57, Jakarta 11410, Indonesia; www.djarum.com.

Gryson Domingo Natural

With Domingo Natural, Gryson, the Belgian RYO and MYO specialist, rounds out their Domingo portfolio. For the production of Domingo Natural, Gryson’s leaf chefs carefully selected and blended the best full-leaf tobaccos from all over the world resulting in a balanced mixture of Virginia and Burley, enriched with some aromatic Orient and spicy Rio Grande tobaccos. No expanded or reconstituted tobacco is used. Domingo Natural is produced without additives, flavors, or preservatives.

Gryson NV/SA; Louis Delbecque, Export Manager; Menensesteenweg 297, B - 8940 Wervik; tel: +32 (0) 56 311 436; fax: +32 (0) 56 311 893; skype: louisdelbecque; louis.delbecque@gryson.be; www.gryson.be.

Habanos Trinidad Robustos T

Habanos recently added a new Robusto T size to the Trinidad brand´s portfolio and will be available to the company’s main world markets. The factory size of Robustos T is a “del Valle,” which is equivalent in dimensions to the Robusto size (girth 50 x 124 mm long), but adds as well the classic “pigtail” of the Trinidad brand. All Trinidad sizes are totally hand-made, long filler and they are manufactured with the best leaves from Cuba’s Vuelta Abajo region. Trinidad Robustos T, initially launched in boxes of 24 and 12 units will also be available in an aluminum tube box of six units, which will be released shortly.

Habanos SA; www.habanos.com.

Tobacco Products International - Quarter 4, 2009
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