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Quarter 4, 2008


New Art for Cigar Cutters

Solingen, Germany–based Donatus Manufacture recently introduced their New Art line of cigar cutters. The new series offers two innovative and fresh designs noted for their use of color as well as and the “pleasant composition of the surface.” This is achieved by refining with a special resin which both protects the decoration and gives a supple finish. The company offers the possibility of different designs per custom orders. The series is offered with two modern samples and consists of a guillotine, small and big scissors.

Donatus Manufacture | Katternberger Str. 176a, 42655 Solingen, Germany | tel: +49 212 813176 | fax: +49 212 819272 | info@donatus-solingen.de | www.donatus-solingen.de.

Roll-Your-Own with Style

French artiste KIMeKO has created the perfect accessory for connoisseurs of roll-your-own, the Tabag. The Tabag is a colorful pouch with separate compartments for loose tobacco, papers, filters, with more room to spare. Tabag offeres direct and instant access to your tobacco with an air-tight closing facility for freshness. Cigarette paper can be placed in an outside pocket of the Tabag, for quick and easy access. Tabags are offered in limited edition series, using fibers and material found over time.

KIMeKO | 52, Avenue Garibaldi, 87000 Limoges, France | contact@bykimeko.com | tel: +33 555 344 564, tel: +33 622 245 295

Miquel y Costas Goes Wide

The rolling paper institution Miquel y Costas, manufacturer of the Smoking brand has introduced their widest range of RYO papers. Continuing with its tradition of innovation and vanguard, Miquel y Costas has introduced its newest development: Smoking White, a new booklet which completes the existing range of medium-size Smoking brand papers. Smoking White is made of 50 leaves of 79 x 44 mm. It carries an excellent medium weight paper easily recognizable thanks to its Smoking watermark, the guarantee of its quality. To ensure a perfect and natural rolling, as for all its papers, Miquel y Costas is using 100% natural gum. All these characteristics make Smoking White a reliable slow burning paper, perfectly adapted for daily use.

Miquel Y Costas & Miquel, SA | Tuset 10, 08006 Barcelona, Spain | tel: +34 93 290 61 00 | fax: +34 93 290 61 31 | contact: Felipe Padilla, fpadilla@miquelycostas.com | www.miquelycostas.com.

Tobacco Products International - Quarter 4, 2008
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