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Quarter 3, 2009


VEDA Glob Master and Masters cigarette filter tubes

VEDA is a Polish company with seven years of experience in the tobacco market. They successfully launched their two new cigarette filter tubes: Glob Master and Masters at EuroTab 2009 in Krakow. Each brand comes in two convenient box sizes: Glob Master 100 and 400, and Masters 300 and 500. At EuroTab, and following the launch, VEDA has received a lot of positive feedback regarding the product and is now planning to expand the brand to a full line of MYO products and accessories including tobacco, cigarette cases, rolling machines, and lighters.

VEDA, Contact: Paulina Slomka, Export Marketing Manager, tel: +48 662 868 755, veda.export@vp.pl; www.gilzy.net.

Smoke Anywhere Fifty-One E-Cigarette

Many manufacturers are betting on electronic cigarettes to help take-on the increasing amount of smoking bans worldwide. The latest from Smoke Anywhere is called The Fifty-One. Using advanced technology, the Fifty-One e-cig allows for a smoking experience without the flame, ash, tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide, or offensive smell found in traditional cigarettes. As the Fifty-One electronic cigarettes is free of tobacco, this product does not contain the thousands of harmful carcinogens typically found in tobacco products. With no offensive second-hand smoke, the Fifty-One offers a safer, healthier environment to both you and the non-smoking community.

Smoke Anywhere, tel: +1 305 749 2676, www.smoke51.com

Chacom 2010 Pipe of the Year

Each year Chacom designs and produces a select of pipes in limited numbers. These products are particularly directed at seasoned pipe connoisseurs. The 2010 Pipe of the Year is selected from the nicest Italian briar "plateaux" naturally dried. Hand made with a Zebrano wood ring and fitted with a cumberland mouthpiece, this unique half bent pipe is definitely worth a place in your collection.

CHAPUIS-COMOY & Cie; 4, rue des Etapes - BP 82, 39200 SAINT-CLAUDE, France; tel: +33 (0) 3 84 45 00 00; fax: +33 (0) 3 84 45 20 34; chacom@pipechacom.com; www.pipechacom.com.

Felipe Gregorio Royal Spanish Cedar Chest

Royal Spanish Cedar Chest designed by Felipe Gregorio and Hand Made in Miami Florida. The airtight chest allows the cigars to age while being infused with the natural aromas of the Royal Cedar. Three sizes are available: Caravel (small), Nao (medium), Galleon (large).

Felipe Gregorio Inc.; 4264 SW 73rd Ave., Miami, Florida, 33155, USA; tel: +305-455-4742; www.felipegregorio.com.

True Utility Oval TurboJet Flame

True Utility’s newest offering is their stylish True Utility Oval TurboJet Flame lighter. The tactile, slim, and powerful lighter has a contrasting black outer finish with brushed stainless steel inlay, combining design and function. A guaranteed flame with windproof TurboJet Flame technology and one-handed motion flip lid.

True Brands Ltd.; tel: +44 (0) 1202 755393; sales@trueutility.com; www.trueutility.com.

Atas Group Super Stop Cigarette Filters

Super Stop is the world’s first cigarette filter utilizing the “six-hole system,” which resulted from Research and Development studies conducted by the Istanbul Technical University. The manufacturer claims that the system ensures that smoke is drawn more easily and there is maximum filtration of tar and nicotine.

Atas Group; Istanbul, Turkey; tel: + 90 216 425 89 55; fax: + 90 216 425 89 58; atas@atasgroup.com; www.atasgroup.com.

ProTech New Rolling Machine

Expert Korean-based RYO and MYO product manufacturer, ProTech has just released their novelty lightweight ( 20 g ) cigarette rolling machine available in various colors (patent-pending). The manufacturer boasts it’s high quality, well-designed, convenient, and human friendly. They are looking for dealer and distributors at Inter-Tabac 2009 Exhibition in Dortmund.

ProTech; 144-11,  Palgok-Dong, Ansan-City, Kyeonggi-Do, South  Korea; tel: +82 31 437 5020; fax: +82 31 437 5057; rolley@rolley.co.kr ; www.rolley.co.kr.

HavaCube’s NanoCube

Individually custom-made in Paris, HavaCube cigar humidors are unique technological innovations designed to mature and preserve fine cigars over several years in a condition-controlled “cocoon.” The company’s newest model, the 100-cigar capacity NanoCube, incorporates the same technology developed for its larger models. Sophisticated electronic subsystems maintain precise temperature and humidity levels, regardless of the external environment, and the entire unit is completely self-managed. The interior is lined with Spanish cedar, while the backlit glass top is artfully engraved with the HavaCube logo. Temperature and water tank levels are displayed digitally for easy monitoring, and the unit only requires refilling on average every six months. The standard exterior finish is concrete, but crocodile, ostrich, and leather upholstery are also available in 30 colors, as well as wood and unique art painting options.

Hava Cube; 38 rue Scheffer, 75016 Paris, France; contact@havacube.com; www.havacube.com.

HeartJCreation Melted Glass Bottle Ashtrays

For a bit of hand-made crafty allure check out HeartJCreation’s Melted Glass Bottle Ashtrays (US$20), available online at www.HeartJCreations.etsy.com. The fused melted bottles are melted in an electric kiln and meticulously placed into shape for your cigar. The ashtrays come from various bottle origins of imbibing Americana including Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Jose Cuervo or even Sam Adams, Budwiser, and Coors.

HeartJCreations; www.HeartJCreations.etsy.com.

Tobacco Products International - Quarter 3, 2009
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