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Quarter 3, 2009


Arnold André Clubmaster Tins

Since its launch over 35 years ago, Clubmaster has quickly developed into one of the world’s most popular lines of cigarillo. Following a popular packaging trends in the world of cigarillos, the Clubmaster Superior line will now available in 10-pack tins. Look out for new packaging for Clubmaster Superior Sumatra, Superior Vanilla, and Superior Vanilla Filter.

Arnold André GmbH & Co KG; Moltkestrasse 10-18, D 32257 Bünde, Germany; tel: +49 5223 – 163-0; fax: +49 5223 - 163 125; info@arnold-andre.com; www.arnold-andre.com.

Toraño Cigars Memorializes Fiftieth Anniversary of Cuban Cigar Families’ Exodus

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Toraño family’s exodus from Cuba, the Toraño Cigars is introducing their new Exodus cigar. Charlie Toraño explains, “We have created the new Exodus Selección Exclusiva, a beautifully presented box of five cigars, which includes two unique shapes each in our two top brands, Exodus 1959 (Gold) and Exodus Silver.”

The talking point of the sampler is the fifth cigar, a 184.15 mm (7.25 inches) x 57 Salomon, which actually features the new Exodus 50 Years blend. It is banded exactly as the factory sent it to the Toraños, as one of the numerous sample blends, wearing a plain white band, hand-written with the coded designation of its brand and blend (Exodus Liga 3-H).

Toraño Cigars; www.torano.com; Czech distribution: Cigars Trading S.R.O., tel: +420 220-114-839, Ing. Peter Forman, cigarstrading@seznam.cz; German distribution: Akra Kotschenreuther Gmbh, tel: +49 91 01 9944-0, Uli Kotschenreuther, akra-gmbh@t-online.de.

Cuban Crafters Cubano Claro

Cuban Crafters Cubano Claros are created using Cuban-seed long-filler from the Cupido tobacco field, all enveloped in a Connecticut Desflorado wrapper. Desflorado tobacco has a reputation as some of the best and most expensive tobacco in the world. The taste starts at medium body and is full of sweet spices and toasted nuts. It then builds into a fuller body with sophisticated and smooth creamy notes of coffee, sweet layers of nutmeg, and tinges of butter. The finish is full of complex tastes surrounded by layers of white chocolate. A sweet addition to any humidor.

Cuban Crafters; The Cuban Crafters Building, 3604 NW 7th. Street, Miami, Florida, 33125, USA; tel: +1 305-573-0222; fax: +1 305-573-0226; anv@cubancrafters.com; www.cubancrafters.com.

Cusano 59 Rare Cameroon

The new Cusano 59 Cameroon takes its name from 1959—or the year of Joe Cusano’s birth year. This offering features a Rare East African Cameroon wrapper is used to create a sweet, slightly above medium-bodied smoke with full-flavored richness. This aged Cameroon is a delicate wrapper and, according to Cusano, the filler tobacco is as full as can be without losing the sweetness Cameroon is famous for. A special Dominican Sun Grown wrapper is included in the filler.

DomRey/Cusano Cigars; Bill Holliway, Marketing Director; tel: +1 941 360-8200; b.holliway@cusanocigars.com; www.cusanocigars.com.

Neos Selection 3 Etoiles

Belgian cigar manufacturer J. Cortès Cigars has introduced a new, unique option for consumers: the Neos Selection 3 Etoiles. The brand name “Selection” stands for the carefully selected tobaccos out of Indonesia, the Dominican Republic, and Brazil. The Etoiles will come packaged in a unique 50-cigars metal box that ensures perfect preservation and freshness.

J. Cortès; Pannenbakkersstraat 1, B-8552 Zwevegem-Moen, Belgium; tel: +32 56 75 94 00; fax: +32 56 75 92 46; info@jcortes.com; www.jcortes.com.

Natural American Spirit Tobacco Tin

Natural American Spirit rolling tobacco will now be available in Germany with an elaborately engraved metal tin with the iconic Indian Chief’s head in tow. It closes airtight and inside, everything is organized inside: one shelf for rolling papers, another one for filters, and a major one for tobacco. In order to keep the tobacco appropriately moist, a Natural American Spirit pouch button is included: the “Mini-Humidor” provides optimum humidity. Rolling paper, pouch band, and pouch button are included.

Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company: Germany GmbH; Gasstr. 14/1, 22761 Hamburg, Germany; tel: +49 (0)40 853 110-0; fax: +49 (0)40 853 110-77; info@sfntc.de; www.americanspirit-shop.de.

Peterson Cigarillos

Dublin-based Peterson has just introduced their new range of cigarillos available in different blends: Irish Whiskey, featuring Sumatra leaf and whiskey flavors; Irish Cream, with Irish cream flavorings imbued in the filler tobacco; and Natural, featuring a Sumatra wrapper and filler from Indonesia, Brazil, and Mexico.

Kapp & Peterson Limited; T/A Peterson of Dublin; Peterson House Sallynoggin Co., Dublin, Ireland; tel: +353-1-2851011; fax: +353-1-2856593; www.peterson.ie.

Demonio Black and Red

These new Nicaraguan puros are products of Tabacalera Esteli in Nicaragua under the consistent supervision of the owner of the farm, cigarmaster Mr. Don Kiki. These cigars are produced in small amounts under the careful supervision of Cuban master rollers. With the combination of long cultivated plants from Cuba it is possible to make a mixture of such delicacy and softness. The tobacco used for the production of Demonio BLACK are exclusive, fully hand-rolled cigars is tended for at least three years and offer a medium/mild taste. While Demonio RED premium cigars come through a growing process of four years with a more creamy characteristic. The cigars are delivered in tubes with the inlet of cedar-wood paper, originally from Mexico, which provides the maximum protection during the transport and storage.

TABAK PLUS SRO; Nové Sady 40, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic; contact: Mr. Radek Janí?ek, Mr. Ji?í Petr; tel: +420 543 234 889-90; shop@tabakshop.cz; www.tabakplus.cz, www.tabakshop.cz.

Cigarette Factory Plovdiv PLC Merilyn and The King

Bulgaria’s Cigarette Factory Plovdiv PLC presents two new brands: Merilyn and The King. Merilyn is offered in three different varieties: Pink, Blue, and Vanilla. With its exclusively modern look and chic design, Merilyn represents the remarkable spirit of Marilyn Monroe. The King cigarettes offer a delicious blend of carefully selected tobacco and come, as well, in three styles: Red, Gold, and White. Both brands are Virginia blend and use tobacco varieties from Brazil, Zimbabwe, USA, and of course, the finest Bulgarian selection.

Cigarette Factory Plovdiv PLC; contact: Mr. Todor Dzhankov, Export Manager; 5, Dunav Blvd., Royal City Business Centre, Floor 12, 4003 Plovdiv, Bulgaria; tel: +359 32 606 933; mobile: +359 897894469; tdzhankov@plovdivbt.com.

La Tradicion Cubana Figurado Series

Miami-based La Tradicion Cubana’s new line is a series of Figurados feature two offerings: the medium-strength Reeds and Chulos. The Reed is a chisel tip cigar named for the resemblance to the wind wood instrument. Chulos—which translates as "cool"—is in some cool looking perfectos. The Figurado Series offers the same blend as most La Tradicion Cubana cigars, but differs in shape and utilizes a maduro wrapper.

La Tradicion Cubana / Tabacalera LTC SA; 3816 SW 142nd Ave. Ste. 30, Miami, FL 33186, USA; tel: +1 305-643-4005; fax: +1 305-233-2311; cigars@tradicion.com; www.tradicion.com.

Tobacco Products International - Quarter 3, 2009
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