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Quarter 3, 2008


Lighter Leash

The Lighter Leash is designed to hold a standard size Bic lighter or similar size lighter (like Clipper and Winlite). This style clips snuggly to one’s belt, pocket, skirt, or purse and gives its user quick access to a lite. Customers like the ability to sport their favorite color or design commonly seen on Bic lighters. It’s an ideal match and should be displayed close to lighters. Lighter Leash is available in 30 and 60-count retail displays

Lighter Leash | Tommaso Moroni, European Distribution | via XXIV Maggio, 36 Parabiago MI 20015, Italy | tel: +39 3939507966 | www.lighterleash.com.

Solar Lighter from Sunlighter

Sunlighter’s flameless solution is perfect for every fisherman and sailing enthusiast. This solar-powered lighter that can be used under any conditions to light cigarettes, cigars, or even start an emergency fire. Its high-tech parabolic surface is designed to focus sunlight, spotlights, or even headlights into its center to create a dependable heat source.

Non-disposable, fuel-free, and environmentally friendly, the Sunlighter also comes with an interchangeable cigar adapter that holds any stick up to 50 gauge.

Sunlighter, LLC | Norcross, GA, USA | tel: +1 877 449-0991 | sales@sunlighter.com | www.sunlighter.com.

OCB X-Pert

For rolling specialists, OCB introduces the ultimate rolling paper in the new OCB X-Pert range. Extra thin and ultra transparent, this highly technical paper offers smooth smoke.

OCB X-Pert papers are dressed in sophisticated and fashion like booklets using a wide variety of printing techniques: a subtle metallic ink cover; brand name in silver foil with embossing. A final touch with glossy and matt selective varnish creates with contrast a very chic OCB monogram.

A new “Slim Fit” size for skilled rollers of narrow rolling paper, enables to minimise overlap. Available in Double, 1/1.4, Slim Fit and XXL sizes.

Republic Technologies | 3750 avenue Julien Panchot - BP 424, 66004 Perpignan Cedex, France | tel: +33 4 68 85 12 27 | contact@rpb-tech.com | www.republic-technologies.com.

Zig-Zag multipack

A very classic box becomes highly innovative when Zig-Zag offers new multipacks of paper booklets inside a 20 cigarette hard pack like box.

Amazingly, the shape had not been used although it is highly advantaging for product presentation and is most practical from retail to consumer.

Zig-Zag gains in presentation dressed in the usual cigarette pack codes using the well-adapted spaces for brand name, illustrations and product descriptions. A handy printed retail box adds visibility on shelf and is easily sorted by retail.

The pack size is well known and recognised by consumers and protects booklets with a pre-cut lid. Multipacks of ZIG-ZAG are available in Green, Blue, Red or Yellow 606 Bis.

Republic Technologies | 3750 avenue Julien Panchot - BP 424, 66004 Perpignan Cedex, France | tel: +33 4 68 85 12 27 | contact@rpb-tech.com | www.republic-technologies.com.

Tobacco Products International - Quarter 3, 2008
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