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Quarter 3, 2008


SPS Cigaronne | Black and White

SPS Cigaronne recently unleashed their newest innovation, their long filter Filter Holder Cigarettes, available in both Regular and Light versions. The long elegeant design of the cigarettes makes sure the smoke doesn’t irritate the throat while preserving the taste of the blend. Available in 120 mm, mini, and slim sizes.

SPS Cigaronne Co. Ltd. | contact: Ms. Arev Pogossian, Marketing and Sales Manager | mob: +374 93433877 | tel: +374 10661432 | fax: +374 10661371 | marketing@cigaronne.com | www.cigaronne.com.

Smoking | Kukuxumusu and the Drawing Factory

Kukuxumusu, the clothing brand best known for their innovative and humorous T-Shirts has brought their draftsmanship to Smoking, with the drawings of Mikel Urmeneta and his team. Their drawings will appear on the 1 1/3 in. and King Size slim brands of Smoking’s roll-your-own papers. “Now the smokers can enjoy rolling up a cigarette and having a smoke and take pleasure in some singular humor all at the same time,” said the manufacturer. With a total of 18 designs including tanks that make love and not war, sheep that smoke, and wolves in sheepskin, the drawings go well with the “superfine smoking paper, with its slow combustion and 100% natural rubber,” said the manufacturer.

Kukuxumusu | www.kukuxumusu.com.

John Middleton | Black & Mild Comes to Turkey

With the opening of the Turkish tobacco markets, Altria’s John Middleton company will be introducing their popular Black & Mild machine-made cigars this September. Black & Milds are made from Broad cut Black Cavendish with Burley and Golden Virginia for balance. In addition, JM plans to introduce Black & Mild Cream and Wine varieties as well as their Prince Albert pipe tobacco tipped cigarillos.

John Middleton Co. | contact: David Salem, Director of International Sales | tel: +484 393-4514 | david.salem@johnmiddletonco.com | www.johnmiddletonco.com.

La Unica | The New Hearty Toro

J.C. Newman is expanding its Dominican-made La Unica Dominican Primeros line with the addition of the maduro-wrapped No. 600, a 6 x 50 toro which is the first La Unica ever to feature a maduro wrapper. The cigar uses Cuban-seed Dominican long filler aged for fullness and flavor that delivers a rich blend with hints of sweetness and fruit, according to the manufacturer, made bolder with the addition of the characteristic spicy-sweet maduro wrapper.

J.C. Newman Cigar Co. | export@cigarfamily.com | www.cigarfamily.com.

CAO | Lx2 Packs Double Ligero

The new CAO Lx2 (which stands for Ligero-times-two) is a “full-bodied, full-flavored cigar named for the priming of the tobacco plant which produces a leaf that is dark, strong, and spicy,” according to the manufacturer. It uses a Nicaraguan wrapper with a Honduran binder and ligero filler leaf from both the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

CAO President Tim Ozgener attributes the inspiration for this cigar to a 140-acre growing factory in Nicaragua called Pueblo Nuevo. “We found that tobacco from this particular farm yields an abundance of strength while retaining a nice, earthy sweetness,” he said.

The CAO Lx2 will be packaged in boxes of 20, cost between $6 to $8 per cigar, and will be available in three sizes: Rob (5 x 48), Toro (6 x 50), and Beli (6 1/2 x 52).

CAO International, Inc., | tel: +1 615 352-0587 | www.caocigars.com.

Peterson | Pipe of the Year and Special Reserve Tobacco

Peterson of Dublin has released its Pipe of the Year 2008, as well as its Limited Edition 2008 Special Reserve Tobacco. The craftsmen at Peterson created a large bend pipe, finished with black and white, sporting a silver band and cap with Celtic artwork, with the smooth retailing at $320, and the sandblast at $279.

The Limited Edition Tobacco of 2008, the Special Reserve Tobacco, is a “wonderful contrasting mixture of bright orange and dark Virginias, black Cavendish and a hint of nutty Burley. The rich aroma and unique flavor of citrus fruit with subtle notes of almonds, characterize this mellow but highly aromatic tobacco,” said the manufacturer. The Special Reserve Tobacco retails at $25.

Kapp & Peterson Limited, T/A Peterson of Dublin | Peterson House | Sallynoggin Co. Dublin, Ireland | tel: +353-1-2851011| fax: +353-1-2856593 | www.Peterson.ie.

S.A.L.E. Black | No Additives Cigarettes

After initially running into patent issues, with their Vitamin-E enhanced cigarettes, the German Tobacco Group (GTG) has relaunched their Black brand as a “No Additive, Plus Active Carbon Filter” brand. Following the popular roll-out of Natural Santa Fe’s no additive cigarettes, GTC builds on that idea with an active carbon filter. The unique filter from Filtrona is made from coconut shells and can help filter/reduce toxic by-products and is environmentally sound and sustainable. A pack of 17 cigarettes is suggested to sell at € 3.60 for 17 cigarettes in the German market.

German Tobacco Group AG | An der Welle 4, D-60322 Frankfurt, Germany | contact: Thomas Schumann, Chairman | thomas.schumann@germantobacco.com | www.germantobacco.com.

Tobacco Products International - Quarter 3, 2008
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