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Quarter 1, 2009


DjEEP Introduces Elvis Presley Collection, Extends Marilyn Monroe Series, and Reintroduces Cats Eyes Series

DjEEP has announced that in addition to introducing the brand new Elvis Presley Series and extending the Marilyn Monroe series, it is also bringing back its Cats Eyes series.

The new Elvis Presley Collection will feature four classic photo-designs, each with Elvis’ autograph, and will cover his career from the beginning in Tupelo to its heights in Las Vegas. Available in March, 24-count and 36-count displays will be available, carrying each of the four designs.

“We are certain that the iconic value of Elvis will result in widespread purchases, especially among collectors. The Official Elvis Presley Enterprises licensed DjEEP series will join Marilyn Monroe DjEEP lighters as image leaders in the Disposable lighter category,” remarked DjEEP president Scott Ivins.

The Cats Eyes series features designs in neon green, yellow, and blue glowing cat’s eyes on a jet-black mini lighter. The DjEEP Jr. Cats Eyes are available in upright displays of 24 and are packed in DOT approved shippers.

Also available in March, two more images will be added to the Marilyn Monroe Collectors’ Series. The photos are from the collection of famous photographer Milton Greene. The two new images will replace two from the earlier set, and the lighters will be available in 24-count and 36-count.

DJEEP | 50 avenue des Champs Elysées | 75008 Paris France | tel: +33 1 44 20 08 80 | fax: +33 1 45 63 35 48 | email: djeep@djeep.com.

D’Aprile Exotic Stone Humidors

Individually custom-made in the United States, D’Aprile humidors are built one at a time from granite, marble, onyx, travertine, or slate that is cut to size and polished by hand, outfitted with Spanish cedar interiors, and then decorated with inlays or laser etchings (including corporate logos) according to the buyer’s specification. Each patent-pending humidor requires upwards of 30 man-hours to complete, and is finished with a serial number, given a certificate of authenticity, and bears a lifetime warranty on workmanship.

D’Aprile Humidors | tel: +1 512 279 5555 | fax: +1 512 692 7774 | dev@daprilehumidors.com

Finest Swiss Chocolate Matched for Cigars from The House of Grauer

“The pleasure of smoking should not be limited to the universe of cigars,” according to Geneva-based chocolatier House of Grauer, so the company decided to make top-quality Swiss chocolates to compliment their favorite cigars. These chocolates bridge the gap between “two of the most delicious products known to man: the cocoa bean and the tobacco leaf,” according to Grauer House.

There are three different lines available: the Leaf line, the Stick line, and the Ring line. Mixed Collections are also available in Magnum, Regular, and Petite.

Each line contains from four to 14 different types of chocolate, and Grauer House includes a recommendation for the proper style of cigar that would best compliment the chocolate - or vice versa. The Italian Roasted Hazelnut chocolate should be paired with a medium-bodied cigar, preferably with woody flavors, for example. Chocolates are shipped direct from Switzerland, packed in dry ice.

La Maison du Xocolatl SA | tel: +41 22 776 39 65 | fax: +41 22 776 39 64 | info@grauerchocolates.com | www.grauerchocolates.com.

Felipe Gregorio Blends Coffee

Felipe Gregorio, maker of fine cigars, has recently introduced a line of five coffees blended from slow roasted South and Central American beans and offered in 16 oz. packages.

Café Extremo Sol del Mañana features Colombian, Honduran, and Guatemalan Arabica beans, and is described as having “a rich aroma reminiscent of citrus fruits and flavor that hints of caramel and apricot,” and is called firm of character by the manufacturer.

Café Extremo Nueces Salvaje, a blend of Nicaraguan, Honduran, Dominican, and Colombian Arabica beans, is a complex, dark roasted blend with a “hazelnut aroma,” and “hints of plum and allspice” in its finish.

Hacienda Felipe uses sun-dried and dark-roasted Costa Rican, Colombian, Nicaraguan, and Guatemalan beans for a blend targeted at coffee connoisseurs “with a penchant for perfection,” said to have hints of cocoa and grapefruit.

Maduro Fuerte blends slow-roasted Arabica and Robusto beans from Brazil, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Kenya, to achieve a “creamy flavor and full body of Espresso,” and is recommended for both espressos and cappuccinos.

Finally, Vanilla Selvaje is a blend of dark roasted Arabica beans from Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Guatemala, with a “clean taste hinting of vanilla and clove.”

Felipe Gregorio | tel: +1 800 336 1181 | fax: +1 305 455 4745 | elena@felipegregorio.com | www.felipegregorio.com.

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