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Quarter 1, 2009

EuroTab is Fast Approaching

EuroTab - 2009 in Krakow, Poland
(June 18 - 20) is fast approaching! EuroTab, as the name implies, centers its aim on the European tobacco retail market with an emphasis the burgeoning (and lucrative) markets of eastern Europe. However, EuroTab also incorporates participants, products, and visitors from Asia, the Balkans, Russia and the CIS nations as well as from Africa, the Middle East, among others.

Retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and importers from around the world will gather to make connections and share their wares. There will be exhibitors from the world of cigars, pipes, RYO tobacco and papers, accessories, water pipes, cigarettes, and much more. We have, of course, heard the rumblings throughout the industry about the glut of tobacco shows. We’ve levied some of these very complaints ourselves. There seems to be a show branded as the “must attend event of the year,” just about every other month or so. But, really, they all kind of end up being the same. And that’s paying a lot of money to repeat yourself. EuroTab is different. EuroTab is the only tobacco product retail and distribution show (no machines, no plows, no dissertations on the newest technological breakthrough in cigarette filter production) for eastern Europe. This is the place where tobacco products of all kinds can find their way to new customers and new distributors.

Where will you be in June of ’09?

- E.D.

Tobacco Products International - Quarter 1, 2009

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