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Quarter 1, 2009


Nestor Miranda Special Selection by Pepin Garcia

Nestor Miranda, president of Miami Cigar & Company, has announced that Jaime Garcia, President of Tabacalera Garcia, is the new manufacturer of his Nestor Miranda Special Selection cigar line. In addition, the line has been re-blended by Garcia’s father, José “Pepin” Garcia, and is now being manufactured at Jaime’s new Tabacalera Garcia factory in Estelí, Nicaragua.

The Nestor Miranda Special Selection is available in four sizes - 5 1/2 x 54, 6 x 60, 7 1/2 x 40 (lancero), and 4 1/2 x 50 - and packed in boxes of 20, with the lancero available in boxes of 25.

The new blend is available in two Nicaraguan Habano wrappers, one Rosado and the other Oscuro, and Pepin has selected Dominican leaf for the new filler blend, “to be true to Nestor’s roots in the cigar business,” said Rene J. Castaneda, National Sales Manager of Miami Cigar & Co. Nestor Miranda Special Selection is the first new line of cigars to be produced at Tabacalera Garcia.

Miami Cigar & Company | tel: +1 800 643 7209 | web: www.miamicigarcompany.com.

Smoking Brand Rolling Papers Reintroduced

Since their introduction to the market in 1924, Smoking brand Spanish rolling papers have maintained their status as a quality brand that has immense variety. Now, the Smoking brand is being reintroduced into the American market by Kretek International.

Aiming for distribution in smoke shops and convenience stores nationally, Kretek is offering special introductory pricing and promotions to retailers. The Smoking line includes pocket rollers in addition to filters.

Kretek International, Inc | email: salesinfo@kretek.com | web: www.kretek.com.

Hermanos Argenti Sub-band Added to Cuban Imports Cigars

Cigars produced for Cuban Imports, Inc. now carry a new and distinctive Hermanos Argenti (Argenti Brothers) label. Elegantly displayed as cigar sub-bands and box emblems, the new labels are featured on the company’s Exile, Exile Wired, H. Upmann Signature, and El Rey del Mundo Olvidados super-premium cigars brands.

“The Hermanos Argenti label signifies that our cigars have met the rigorous standards of quality and craftsmanship that my brother and I demand,” says company President and Co-founder Michael Argenti. “Because our cigars are produced in tightly controlled, limited batches, we’re able to dictate that only the highest quality tobaccos are used, and the most experienced craftsman are engaged in producing our cigars. This pursuit of the highest quality and caliber in the production process is the heart of our company and vision, and that message will be more easily conveyed to consumers observing the new Hermanos Argenti label.”

Cuban Imports, Inc. | tel: +1 866 731 2822 or +1 305 823 4047.

No flavored-cigar lover left behind with Heavenly Cigar’s new cherub tins

“Our Heaven Cherub-sized premium flavored cigars have earned their popularity for several reasons,” states Heather L. Phillips, CEO of Heavenly Cigar Company. “First, they are a top-quality premium cigar. Being mini cigars, they provide a short but satisfying smoke. These powerful sales benefits, plus the attractive new ten-Cherub Tin packaging, made them a crowd-pleaser for us at IPCPR 2008.”

The 3 1/2 x 26 Cherubs made their first appearance back in 2002, and in addition to their five most popular flavors (Heavenly Vanilla, Cupid's Cherry Cream, Celestial Cognac, Heather's Honey Nut, and Raging Rum), the line is been extended, and now also includes their other seven flavors (Aphrodite’s Amaretto, Orange Dreamsicle, Grape Goddess, Angel’s Spice (Cinnamon), Midnight Mocha Crème, Strawberry Banana Bliss, and Chocolate Thunder), for a total of 14 flavors.

Like all Heavenly’s offerings, Cherubs are 100% long-filler, handmade premium cigars, and without revealing trade secrets regarding its flavor process, Phillips explains, “It results in a perfect complement to the select Dominican tobaccos we use in all our products. The subtle, elegant flavoring and choice tobacco are harmonious, never competing with each other.”

Heavenly Cigar is offering them to retailers in 10-tin (100-cigar) disposable displays.

Heavenly Cigar Co., Naples, Fla., Toll-free: (800) 647-8196, E-mail: Sales@heavencigar.com, Web: www.heavencigar.com

Tobacco Products International - Quarter 1, 2009
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